Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pre-work Hill Climb

Today Nikki and I went on a little mountain adventure, up toward Mud Hole Lake, off the Cedar Creek trail. It was much hotter than I anticipated, and the little arctic dog was not too pleased. We climbed up from a connector trail so had the added benefits of less driving and more climbing. Aside from getting slightly dehydrated from giving Nikki my Heed (she's a Hammer dog, all the way) and her water I carried, it was a good semi-long 3500 ft mid-week jaunt, complete with a dip in the roaring Early Winters creek for the pooch. While not a water dog by any means, like her labrador friends, she certainly recognizes that flowing liquid cools her off.

The requisite self-portrat. Didn't quite get the angle I was going for. Prize for anyone who counts all the trees.

Succulents in their natural environment! I love these guys.

A relatively rare mossy rock.


Early Winters Creek, still movin' pretty quickly.

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