Monday, July 29, 2013

**Summer Training Special** A One-Month Training Plan for $75!!

For the month of August we're offering a slamming deal for folks interested in injecting a bit of organization, structure and help into their fitness efforts. For first-time Methow Endurance coaching clients, if you sign up before August 15th you'll qualify for a special of $75 for the first month of training. No strings attached, no long-term commitments. We're confident that once you recognize the benefits a coach brings, you'll want more!

Our goal is to spread the message that intelligent coaching and fitness support doesn't need to be expensive; our base "Mt Gardner" coaching plan is only $100/month. For that price, you get individualized training plans and workout descriptions, and weekly check-ins with your coach to monitor your progress and adjust as needed. If you sign up now, that first month is only $75!

Not sure if you need a coach? Don't think you deserve one? Here's a short list of those who can benefit significantly from Methow Endurance coaching

- People working full time who want to stay active, but can't commit more than 30min-1hour per day

- Young athletes trying to prepare for high school competition seasons

- Lifelong athletes looking to attain the next level of fitness after years of plateauing

- And many more!!

Call or email us today with questions or to sign up!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Colorado, California and Utah, Oh My!

Trying out my new La Sportiva duds. They make great clothing, too!
This spring I was super excited to be named to the La Sportiva Mountain Running team. I've always loved their trail shoes, and couldn't help feeling proud to be recognized worthy of a sponsorship. Sportiva now sponsors our events and has given me the fabulous opportunity to participate in three of their Mountain Cup races this summer. The fun begins next weekend, in Manitou Springs, Colorado, at the Barr Trail Mountain Race. The 14ish mile run climbs up to (gasp-literally!) 10,000ft, then turns around and goes back to the start. This will be my first race at altitude, which is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. Next up will be Table Rock 27k, in the Marin Headlands, outside of San Francisco. Aside from the race, I'm psyched to get to check out my friends Devon and Nathan's new bakery and cafe, MH Bread and Butter.

I'll take a break from the Mountain Cup for a weekend to do the Speedgoat 50k, in Utah, the last weekend of the month, where I'll get a chance to run at altitude again, for more than twice the distance. Matt Hart took this awesome video if you're interested in seeing the glorious course: my goal is not to die during the 11,000 feet of climbing. One of my best friends is getting married that day, so while I'm suffering up one of the many climbs, I can transport myself to a beautiful wedding in Maine. 

Then I'll come home and try to work as little as possible and eat. A lot.  I figure that's also a perfect time to process a bunch of fruit, and rest up for the next race on the Mountain Cup, the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase, back in Utah the following weekend. Of course the next weekend is Rainshadow Running's Angel Staircase race, which is my favorite James puts on. If I am still standing, I may not be able to resist doing the 60k, but we'll have to see. I may spend the next week or seven sprawled on a rock beside the river.

Joking aside, this whole race calendar is yet another reminder of how lucky I am. If someone would have told me ten years ago that I'd be running on the La Sportiva team; traveling around the west to race; have a successful massage business in the mountains; and have an awesome dog and husband, I definitely would not believe it. Well, I might believe the awesome dog part.  The founder of the massage school I went to cautioned us as we wrote our business plans: "be careful what your write, as it's likely to happen." I looked over said business plan a couple weeks ago and sure enough, nearly everything I listed for my five year goals is now my reality. I'm not sure how much I believe in the idea of the universe conspiring to make things happen, but it does seem quite amazing what can happen if you keep certain goals in mind and remain open to both letting and making things happen. I'm getting a little woo-woo now, so I best get to making food for tomorrow's run that is my most current and short-term goal. Fueling for all this is a whole other post.

If anyone has any favorite coffee shops, jewelry or (other cool stuff) shops in San Francisco, Manitou Springs (or Colorado Springs), or Park City that should not be missed, please let me know! Finally, if you're interested in following the scoring of the Mountain cup, the results are posted here after each race.