Endurance Coaching

While it's certainly possible to train on your own, a coach is a valuable asset to get the most out of your available time. Whether you've just decided to become more active; have had injuries in the past that have kept you from consistent training or performances; have a race in the back of your head; or want to shave time off of a long-standing PR; personalized, structured training by an objective coach gives you confidence and motivation to reach your full potential.

Methow Endurance welcomes prospective athletes from all across the country, and happily strives to facilitate a distance/online coaching relationship. As coaches, we meet your level of commitment to ensure you get the help you need to reach your goals.

We offer several different forms of coaching; the plan must fit you and your needs, so peruse the options below and don't hesitate to contact us with questions. Train smarter with Methow Endurance and discover your next level of athletic performance!

Silver Star Coaching:
  • Initial consultation to determine optimal training plan, goals, and expectations
  • Personalized, periodized strength plan
  • Weekly training plan with workout descriptions and intensities
  • Consultation on nutrition and diet for an active lifestyle
  • Up to three hours of personal telephone communication per month
  • Unlimited email communication
  • Reduced rate on additional private sessions ($40/hour)

16-week Race Prep program:
  • Initial consultation to determine optimal training plan, goals, and expectations
  • Estimation of heart rate zones/training intensities
  • Personalized strength program
  • 16-week training program
  • Weekly online follow-ups
  • Post-race evaluation
  • 8-week in-person check in/private session

      A La Carte Coaching Options:

      Coaching Kickstarter:
      This one-hour consultation provides you with basic training and strength principles and examples that you can use in your own training. After a meeting in which we discuss your fitness goals and lifestyle, you'll receive materials to start and progress workouts with confidence. Two follow-up emails will insure you are on the right track.

      Private coached workouts (running, skiing, or strength):
      Improve technique and training methods with instant feedback during a workout.

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