Friday, November 22, 2013

Ready For Winter

It certainly feels like fall is gone, with temperatures nearing the single digits when we get up. Sam spent a week with our friendly neighbors to the north at Silver Star, and heads to West Yellowstone this afternoon to get some more good training time on snow before the first race of the season held there next weekend. Meanwhile, I'm as excited for winter as I ever have been. Sam and Nikki's love of the white stuff has finally rubbed off on me. I found a slammin' deal on a new backcountry setup, and while snow is accumulating in the big mountains, Nikki and I went up our beloved Cutthroat on my touring skis.

Nikki has been ready for winter for months. Nine months, to be exact.

I'll also be coaching little kiddos this year for the Nordic Team, which I'm really looking forward to. Today is a brilliant sunny, cold day and while it's lovely, I can't help but wish it were dumping snow right now. Hopefully when we're back from West Yellowstone after the holiday, we'll have skiing out the door. Until then, enjoy the sun, and do some snow dances.

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