Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Running and Training Clinic

In order to accommodate more people for our upcoming clinic in October, we changed the fall camp a bit. Rather than having a multi day format, we are now offering a one day running and training clinic on Saturday, October 13, and doing a hill climb on Sunday, October 14th.

Saturday will be a fun and information packed day complete with technique work, strength, intensity workouts and a big lunch to keep us fueled. It will be a mix of both talking through concepts and how to incorporate them into your schedule; and doing a shortened version of the workouts so you really learn how to perform them correctly and effectively.

Here are some of the aspects we'll plan to hit on Saturday's clinic:
  • Nutrition for athletes and an active lifestyle
  • Strength training that fits your schedule
  • Running technique
  • Key workouts for your regimen
We think this one-day format will provide a great, concentrated opportunity to pick up a lot of knowledge and skills which you can transfer into your fitness regime. What better way to spend a beautiful fall day in the Methow?

Got friends? Get a $5 discount for every friend you bring along! Email for more info.

Registration is available under the "Events" link on this website. Direct link is here.

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