Thursday, May 10, 2012


Washington pass opened today, marking the unofficial start of summer. On my journey up valley after work I saw numerous motor homes that had made their way over. MVSTA's stellar Sunflower marathon and relay event also marks the change of seasons. Before moving to the Methow, I liked the race, but now that I live here, I absolutely love it. The course now starts just a short walk from home in Mazama, and meanders through the wonderful varied micro-climates down to Twisp. Two years ago there was a nice tail wind, and if that past couple of days is any indicator, Saturday's race will be a speedy one.
The calm before the calf-cramping storm. Thanks, Kristen Smith, for capturing it.
This year Sam, Brian Gregg and I are running a team as: Goat's Beard/Methow Endurance, partnering with the exciting new mountain shop in Mazama. Thanks, Goat's Beard! They are opening on Saturday and have a great selection of goods, including my favorite running shoe, the Scott T2C.

Remember your electrolytes! Cramping is not fun, and it will increase your recovery time as well. Massage, however, decreases recovery time.

To kick of the summer racing season, I'm offering a discount this weekend. Mention this blog and get $5 off a 60 minute massage. Happy running!

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